Cosmetic Dentistry

There is a trend these days to make teeth brighter and more uniform to give patients a more aesthetic smile. There are many ways to achieve these improvements and it is important to plan any treatment carefully.

The materials used for such cosmetic work are:


This is a resin based material that is bonded directly onto a tooth and can improve the shape and colour of the teeth in a non- invasive way


Ceramic restorations are used for protecting broken down teeth and also to give a natural aesthetic look to any tooth. There is more scope to change the appearance when using this material but there needs to be some preparation of the tooth structure


Dental implants have revolutionised how we replace a missing tooth or teeth. With modern dentistry, the disease processes that can lead to loss of a tooth are largely preventable but there are occasions when tooth loss is inevitable. Implants provide a strong foundation on which a new tooth can be fixed. This may be individual or a complete set of fixed teeth

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